Sentence Examples

  • As a whole, Australia is rich in parrots, of which it has several very peculiar forms, but Picarians in old-fashioned parlance, of all sorts - certain kingfishers excepted - are few in number, and the pigeons are also comparatively scarce, no doubt because of the many arboreal predaceous marsupials.
  • The birds of paradise, the racquet-tailed kingfishers, Tanysiptera, the largest and smallest of parrots, Calyptorhynchus and Nasiterna, and the great crowned pigeons, Goura, are very characteristic; and so are the various Megapodes.
  • Ceryle, the only genus of kingfishers in the New World; all the.
  • Alcedinidae, kingfishers, cosmopolitan or (2) with long spina communis.
  • Cuckoos are abundant, some of them of lovely plumage, also rollers, kingfishers and hornbills.

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