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  • KEI ISLANDS [Ke, Key, Kii, &c.; native, Ewab], a group in the Dutch East Indies, in the residency of Amboyna, between 5° and 6° 5' S.
  • (1-20) The actual form of a perpetuant of degree 0 has been shown by MacMahon to be +1 K0_1+1 K 3+20-4 K2, 01, 0-2, 0-3, ...3, 2), K 0, Ke -1, ...K 2 being given any zero or positive integer values.
  • Then dp/dz=kdp/dz = P, = Poe ik, p - po= kpo(ez Ik -1); (16) and if the liquid was incompressible, the depth at pressure p would be (p - po) 1po, so that the lowering of the surface due to compression is ke h I k -k -z= 1z 2 /k, when k is large.
  • '0,1tfill', Z -4,'If';' ' sel..Vk Q7Vra ----4‘kiar,, 'e/-ke;,/ ¦.
  • According to the missionary Gaubil, the Chinese divided the day into loo ke, each ke into loo minutes, and each minute into 00 seconds.

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