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  • Friedrich Delitzsch derived the name "Chaldaean" = Kasdim from the non-Semitic Kassites who held the supremacy over practically all Babylonia during an extended period (c. 1783-1200 B.C.).
  • If, on the fall of the Kassites, Nebuchadrezzar I.
  • They were overthrown and Babylonia was conquered by Kassites or Kossaeans from the mountains of Elam, with whom Samsu-iluna had already come into conflict in his 9th year.
  • Of the Kings' List; that in the reign of Samsu-ditana, the last king of Dynasty I., Hittites from Cappadocia raided and captured Babylon, which in her weakened state soon fell a prey to the Kassites (Dynasty III.); and that later on southern Babylonia, till then held by Dynasty II.
  • Of the Kings' List, was in its turn captured by the Kassites, who from that time onward occupied the whole of the Babylonian plain.

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