Sentence Examples

  • SEA OF OKHOTSK, a part of the western Pacific Ocean, lying between the peninsula of Kamchatka, the Kurile Islands, the Japanese island of Yezo, the island of Sakhalin, and the Amur province of East Siberia.
  • If Strabo and Herodotus and Pomponius Mela, for example, describe a custom, rite or strange notion in the Old World, and if mariners and missionaries find the same notion or custom or rite in Polynesia or Australia or Kamchatka, we can scarcely doubt the truth of the reports.
  • The common juniper is a very widely distributed plant, occurring in the whole of northern Europe, central and northern Asia to Kamchatka, and east and west North America.
  • Siberia and in Kamchatka occur two sheep which have been respectively named 0.
  • Westward from the extremity of the Alaskan peninsula toward the peninsula of Kamchatka; they constitute part of the District of Alaska, U.S.A. The islands, of which an alternative collective name is the Catherine Archipelago, comprise four groups - the Fox, Andreanof, Rat and Near Islands.

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