Sentence Examples

  • Or Salampsas (Jos.); this was probably the expedition against Hoshea of Samaria in 725; " the king of Assyria ...
  • In 324 he was chief (ecpxcO [Jos) of the sacred embassy to Olympia.
  • 100 a 25): UuXXoyta/JOS io-r io-rt V'yos Ev Tebevtwv 'TEpbv TWU Ka k tbcov Ei; avicyK9]s o'uµ13acva TW Taira Eivac, " a syllogism is an argument in which, certain things being posited (the premises), something other than the premises necessarily results from their being true."
  • Quarrels broke out it, the cabinet between Seor Jos Echeray.
  • Fernndez Ferraz, Nahuatlismos de Costa Rica (San Jos, 1892) and C. Gagini, D/ccionario de barbarismos de Costa Rica (San Jos, 1893); A.