Sentence Examples

  • 3 2) both call it Tamesa, and in no early authority is the name Isis used.
  • Albellus and Clangula glaucion, the common golden-eye, have been described and figured (Eimbeck, Isis, 1831, 300, tab.
  • It is represented by the small theatre and the amphitheatre, the baths near the forum, the temple of Zeus Milichius, the Comitium and the original temple of Isis, but only a few private houses.
  • ~ Nevertheless Egyptian cults, and particularly those of Serapis and Isis, found welcome acceptance on European soil; and the shrines of Egyptian deities were established in all the great cities of the Roman Empire.
  • Egyptian inscriptions indicate that the physician-priests sent their prescriptions to be dispensed by the priests of Isis when, accompanied by the chanter of incantations and spells, they visited the sick'.