Sentence Examples

  • Ink for inkjet printers is often so costly that downloading free patterns does not result in any real savings when compared to buying kits at stores, especially if you have a knack for finding them on sale.
  • They accept returns up to a year later and pay for the return, which is great if you buy a new printer and have unopened inkjet cartridges purchased from them; return them and get your money back.
  • In the same line of thought, many retailers will trick you into thinking you're getting the best deal because they throw in "free" extras like a speaker set, an inkjet printer, or a monitor.
  • A standard template for business cards, whether found in the sample book at a local print shop or ready to download and print on your inkjet printer at home, offers numerous benefits.
  • Digital printing capability of today's inkjet and laser printers give the small business owner a considerable edge when it comes to promotions, direct mail or advertising.