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  • Aid - the religious mission of England in the world, her commercial interests, and her political independence being indissolubly connected in his mind.
  • Witowt was to reign over Lithuania as an independent grand-duke, but the two states were to be indissolubly united by a common policy.
  • Their objection to Chalcedon was that it was an innovation, and they fully acknowledged the distinctness of the two natures in Christ, insisting only that they became indissolubly united so that there was only one energy (ilia Kato) 6Eav8puci EvEp'yeta) of Christ's will.
  • As regards the Feast of Unleavened Bread, now indissolubly connected with the paschal sacrifice, no satisfactory explanation has been given either of its original intention or of its connexion with the Passover.
  • The mass of each is about 3 7 1 o T th part of that of a hydrogen atom, and with each is indissolubly associated a charge of negative electricity equal to about 3.1 Xio '° C.G.S.

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