Sentence Examples

  • Lambros, 'H OvoaaroXoyta 'ATTnK'?S cal ij ELS T1]v xthpav E7roteno(s 'AX/3avwv in the 'EirsrnAis Tot Hapvaa iot (Athens, 1896); Theodore Ippen, "Beitrage zur inneren Geschichte der Turkei im 19.
  • ': opal e ° °o T A R ple ' ag a ',ap iJ,wl Karkinit A C K r B L Scale, English Miles D S E A 32 Stavropol P O L A PI A N L A s E Derbent ° I?
  • Ij „l small intermediate ce l ls between the larger nerve - end cells.
  • Ter-pill-05a ij iirooa toroKouvra, four - footed or legless Enaema which lay eggs (= Reptiles and Amphibia).
  • If the resultant rotation be n, we have TZ iJ (x 2 -{-y 2) de ikr TZsin4 d e ikr 2 r ' dr (r !