Sentence Examples

  • The humerus is stout and rather short.
  • Two specimens of the humerus have been found in the English fens (Ibis, 1868, p. 363; Proc. Zool.
  • The humerus has a foramen at the lower end.
  • When the wing is folded the long glenoid surface of the head of the humerus is bordered above by the tuberculum externum or superius, in the middle and below by the tuberculum medium or inferius for the insertion of the coraco-brachialis posterior muscle.
  • The wing of the bird is folded in a unique way, namely, the radius parallel with the humerus, and the whole wrist and hand with their ulnar side against the ulna; upper and forearm in a state of supination, the hand in that of strong abduction.

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