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  • Cyrus had 10,400 Greek hoplites and 2500 peltasts, and besides an Asiatic army under the command of Ariaeus, for which Xenophon gives the absurd number of ioo,000 men; the army of Artaxerxes he puts down at 900,000.
  • On land the Peloponnesians were superior: they had at least 30,000 hoplites not including 10,000 from Central Greece and Boeotia: these soldiers were Highly trained.
  • Of the 200 cavalry (including mounted archers) 300 died, together with 4400 hoplites: altogether the estimate of Diodorus (xii.
  • After a naval engagement (see Pylos) a body of Spartan hoplites were cut off on Sphacteria.
  • So acutely did Sparta feel their position that an offer of peace was made on condition that the hoplites should go free.

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