Sentence Examples

  • Yet she knew, even if this were her fate, the man before her would always treat her as he had: respectfully, honorably, dutifully.
  • It was bold policy to confide Frederick to his greatest enemy and rival; but the pope honorably discharged his duty, until his ward outgrew the years of tutelage, and became a fair mark for ecclesiastical hostility.
  • Again," Can history produce an instance of rebellion so honorably conducted ?
  • Men like Jake wouldn't want to die any other way than honorably defending people like you.
  • In August 977 Aziz met the united forces of Aftakin and his Carmathian ally outside Ramleh in Palestine and inflicted a crushing defeat on them, which was followed by the capture of Aftakin; this able officer was taken to Egypt, and honorably treated by the caliph, thereby incurring the jealousy of Jacob b.