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  • Mex.; Raman, Hond.; Serian, Tiburon I.; Subtiaban, Nic.; Tarascan, Mich.; Tehuantepecan, Isthmus; Tequist latecan, Oax.; Totonacan, Mex.; Triquian, S.
  • He was a patron of learned men, among others of the historians Mirk hond and Khwadamir, and the p~ts Jami and Hatifi.
  • 1-4.) In those dayes Ihon the baptyser cam and preached in the wyldernes of Iury, saynge, Repent, the kyngedom of heven ys at hond.
  • Mex.; Ulvan, Nic.; Xicaquean, Hond.; Zapotecan, Oax.; Zoquean, Tehuant.

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