Sentence Examples

  • For a traditional online encyclopedia that includes an interface you can make your own through a personalized homepage and the ability to have your own account, use the advanced version of the World Book encyclopedia online.
  • A humor site where you run a small community sharing pictures of beer can sculptures and wacky personals ads, it's probably quite all right to have a banana doing the Pulp Fiction dance as a way to break up the homepage.
  • The initial homepage is very simple, allowing you to jump right into New Games (located on the right-hand side of the page), webmasters' favorites, and Top Rated games-which are rated by the gamers and users of the site.
  • She maintains a regular website, as well as a blog on her show's official homepage, to help keep fans both up to date on her character (Starr Manning) as well as the motivation and message behind her varying plot lines.
  • The easiest way to find a local retailer who carries Thomasville furniture in your area is to visit the manufacturer's website and enter your zip code into the store locator box at the top of the homepage.