Sentence Examples

  • THOMAS HOBBES (1588-1679), English philosopher, second son of Thomas Hobbes, was born at Westport (now part of Malmesbury, Wiltshire) on the 5th of April 1588.
  • The influence of an advancing study of nature, which was stimulated if not guided by Bacon's writings, is seen in the more careful doctrines of materialism worked out almost simultaneously by Hobbes and Gassendi.
  • He played a conspicuous part in the modern doctrine of evolution.
  • Among his works may be mentioned Studii sulla coscienza; Il Fenomeno nelle sue relazioni con la sensazione; Della idea del vero; Della filosofia del diritto presso Aristotile (1885); Il Genio di Aristotile; La Psicologia di Pietro Pomponazzi (1877), and, most important, Essai sur l'histoire de la philosophie en Italie au XIX' siecle (Paris, 1869), and La Psychologie de l'association depuis Hobbes jusqu'd nos jours.
  • Graham, English Political Philosophy from Hobbes to Maine (1899).