Sentence Examples

  • A HMO type of health insurance plan allows the covered person to receive treatment from only those professionals who agree to the restrictions, guidelines (including payment terms) and other policies of the insurance provider.
  • Employers can choose from a number of options, including HMO and PPO plans, high deductible plans, or a CoverageFirst plan that offers coverage for basic health care along with coverage for major illness or injury.
  • For example, instead of opting in to a PPO, which will allow the policyholder to choose a health care provider, some people opt for an HMO policy which costs less but does not allow such flexibility.
  • They are similar to an HMO that co-pays for office visits and basic dental procedures tend to be low, but unlike an HMO, a PPO does not require members to select a primary care dentist.
  • The healthcare providers who sign up to be part of an HMO plan are guaranteed a certain level of income from the insurance company in return for their participation in the network.