Sentence Examples

  • Personal Instruction By far the most effective way to learn dance moves is from a dance teacher - which could be your friend at the club teaching you the latest hip-hop dance moves, or could be a ballet soloist with her own studio.
  • They'll invite you to a sports game even though you've never expressed an interest or when you say "I like action movies" they'll only hear "movies" and take you to a hip-hop dance flick because they think that's what women like.
  • The game starts off like some hip-hop video as you throw a party to bring all the street racers to celebrate a race promoter's current event: a series of races through Los Angeles to determine who is the ultimate whip racer.
  • Ghetto fabulous and "uptown couture" style dresses have become popular in recent years, due mainly to the fact that this is the style of popular hip-hop and R&B artists like Jay-Z, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Sean Combs.
  • While more modern genres of dance, such as hip-hop, are now widely accepted as part of the praise dance repertoire, a Christian dancer must exercise caution before throwing in any dance move she sees on TV or online.