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  • Nor is the nature of the first formed sugar certain; the general opinion has been that it is a simple hexose such as glucose or fructose, C6Hi2O,.
  • The results at first obtained were very confusing and seemed to show that nucleic acid is very variable in constitution, but thanks to the work ~f Schmiedeberg and Stendel (Germany), Ivar Bang (Sweden) and Walter Jones and Levene (America), the confusion has been reduced to some sort of order, and it now seems probable that all ordinary nucleic acids yield two purine bases, adenine and guanine; two pyrimidine bases, cytosine and thymine and a hexose carbohydrate, the identity of which is uncertain.i The NucleolusIn the majority of plant-nuclei, both in the higher and lower plants, there is found, in addition to the chromatin network, a deeply stained spherical or slightly irregular body (sometimes more than one) called the nucleolus (fig.
  • CH 2 OH CH20H CH20H CH20H (CH OH) 3 -> 01 OH) 3 -> (CH OH) 3 --> (CH OH)3 CH OH CH OH CH OH CHO CHO CH:NOH CN Hexose -p Oxime -> Nitrile -> Pentose.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and a trace of a ferrous salt: C 4 H 9 O 4 (CH OH) CHO-->C 4 H 9 O 4 (CH OH) C02H->C4H904 CHO Hexose -> Acid -* Pentose.
  • If the asymmetric system adjoining the COH group, which is that introduced in synthesizing the hexose from the pentose, be eliminated, the formulae at disposal for the two pentoses are CH 2 (OH) - - - COH CH 2 (OH)+-- COH.

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