Sentence Examples

  • Nor is the nature of the first formed sugar certain; the general opinion has been that it is a simple hexose such as glucose or fructose, C6Hi2O,.
  • CH 2 OH CH20H CH20H CH20H (CH OH) 3 -> 01 OH) 3 -> (CH OH) 3 --> (CH OH)3 CH OH CH OH CH OH CHO CHO CH:NOH CN Hexose -p Oxime -> Nitrile -> Pentose.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and a trace of a ferrous salt: C 4 H 9 O 4 (CH OH) CHO-->C 4 H 9 O 4 (CH OH) C02H->C4H904 CHO Hexose -> Acid -* Pentose.
  • If the asymmetric system adjoining the COH group, which is that introduced in synthesizing the hexose from the pentose, be eliminated, the formulae at disposal for the two pentoses are CH 2 (OH) - - - COH CH 2 (OH)+-- COH.
  • The disaccharoses have the formula C12H22011 and are characterized by yielding under suitable conditions two molecules of a hexose: C12H22011+H20=C6H1206+C6H1206.