Sentence Examples

  • Aristarchus is also said to have invented two sun-dials, one hemi spherical, the so-called scaphion, the other plane.
  • In brachy and hemi the aecidiospores are absent, the mycelium from the sporidia giving origin directly to the uredospores; the former possess spermatia, in the latter they are absent.
  • In the hemi, brachy, micro and lepto forms, which possess no aecidium, we find that the association takes place at various points in the ordinary mycelium but always A, Portion of a young aecidium.
  • Uredospores in the hemi and a, Fertile cells; at a 2 the brachy forms, and before the passage of a nucleus from formation of teleutospores in the adjoining cell is seen.
  • Hydroplzytes and hemi-hydrophytes (aquatic plants).Of marine hydrophytes, there are, in this country, only the grass-wracks (Zostera marina and Z.