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  • (For the Helots in Laconia, see Helots.) Rome.
  • The Spartans answer to the patricians, the 7reploLKOC to the plebs; the helots are below the position of plebs or demos.
  • Intermediate between Helots and Spartiates were the two classes of Neodamodes and Mothones.
  • Even in the case of the Helots of Sparta, although their condition was very hard and they were made to perform services to any Spartiate who might require them to do so, features of a similar tributary condition are apparent.
  • An attempt to throw off the yoke resulted in a second war, conducted by the Messenian hero Aristomenes; but Spartan tenacity broke down the resistance of the insurgents, and Messenia was made Spartan territory, just as Laconia had been, its inhabitants being reduced to the status of helots, save those who, as perioeci, inhabited the towns on the sea-coast and a few settlements inland.

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