Sentence Examples

  • In the Hellenistic period it gained inportance as a fortress by which the Macedonian rulers controlled central Greece.
  • All the Hellenistic courts felt it a great part of prestige to be filled with the light of Hellenic culture.
  • Gr eek culture had, however, both in " Hellenic " and " Hellenistic " times, a common essence, just as light is light whether in the original luminous body or in a reflection, and to describe this by the term Hellenism seems most natural.
  • Earlier among the hellenistic Jews the term was used of a number of writings which depicted in a prophetic and parabolic way the end or future state of the world (e.g.
  • From 970 to 772 B.C. the bare outline of events is supplied by extracts from two Hellenistic historians, Menander of Ephesus and Dius (largely dependent upon Menander), which have been preserved by Josephus, Ant.

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