Sentence Examples

  • Hegelianism appears as a distinct element in modern English ethical thought; but the direct influence of Hegel's system is perhaps less important than that indirectly exercised through the powerful stimulus which it has given to the study of the historical development of human thought and human society.
  • Fairbairn; and through the mediation of British philosophers Hegelianism has widely affected British theology.
  • During this period the influence of Reiff led him to oppose the dominant Hegelianism of the time.
  • Hegelianism reigned in the schools and in literature and basked in the sunshine of authority.
  • Finally it must not be forgotten that the host of writers who were in reaction against Hegelianism tended to take refuge in some formula of correlation, as a half-way ho-use between that and formalism or psychologism or both, without reference to, and often perhaps without cdnsciousness of, the way in which historically it had taken shape to meet the problem held to have been left unresolved by Kant.

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