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  • These fifty-three years are those between 220 (the point at which the work of Aratus ended) and 168 B.C., and extend therefore f om the outbreak of the Hannibalic War to the defeat of Perseus at Pydna.
  • Flamininus's last act before returning home was characteristic. Of the Achaeans, who vied with one another in showering upon him honours and rewards, he asked but one personal favour, the redemption of the Italian captives who had been sold as slaves in Greece during the Hannibalic War.
  • It is also agreed that we can detect in Livy's account of the Hannibalic war two distinct elements, derived originally, the one from a Roman, the other from a non-Roman source.
  • His work, which was written in Greek, began with the arrival of Aeneas in Italy, and ended with the Hannibalic war.
  • The crisis is pronounced by Suetonius to have been more serious than any which had confronted Rome since the Hannibalic war, for it was not merely the loss of a province but the invasion of Italy that was threatened, and Augustus openly declared in the senate that the insurgents might be before Rome in ten days.

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