Sentence Examples

  • ' See especially Hamza Isp., 38;Tabari, i.
  • Of Tabari's contemporary Hamza Ispahani (c. 940) we have the Annals (ed.
  • This powerful family had lived up to that time on a good understanding with France; Si-Hamza, chief of the elder branch, had remained until his death (1861) a faithful ally of France.
  • In 1883 Si-Hamza, chief of the elder branch of the Walid-sidi-Sheikh, made his submission, and since then that family has remained devoted to France.
  • =1; so conventionally transcribed since it unites two values, being sometimes y but often s (especially at the beginning of words), and from the earliest times used in a manner corresponding to the Arabic hamza, to indicate a prosthetic vowel.

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