Sentence Examples

  • Several local races of African elephant have been described, mainly distinguished from one another by the form and size of the ears, shape of the head, etc. 
  • Stavanger is the first port of call for northward-bound passenger steamers from Hull and Newcastle, and has regular services from all the Norwegian coast towns, from Hamburg, &c. A railway runs south along the wild and desolate coast of Jaederen, one of the few low and unprotected shores in Norway, the scene of many wrecks.
  • St Michael's church at Hamburg, built as late as 1762 and unaltered in 1880, had a 17th-century pitch, a' 407.9.
  • 1783 St Jacobi, Hamburg, "Tertia minore" stop..1688-1693Hofcapelle, Dresden.
  • JOHANN FRANZ ENCKE (1791-1865), German astronomer, was born at Hamburg on the 23rd of September 1791.

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