Sentence Examples

  • Briggs 1 points out that the term "Hallelujah" (Praise ye Yah) is found at the close of Pss.
  • At the last-named place was first organized a "Hallelujah band" of converted criminals and others, who testified in public of their conversion.
  • 3, and which has had a place in the worship of the Christian church since the 2nd century; to the Hallelujah of several of the Psalms and of Rev. xix.; to such passages of glorification as Rom.
  • In many parts of Germany the seasons of Lent and Advent are still marked by the use of emblems of mourning in the churches, by the frequency of certain phrases (Kyrie eleison, Agnus Dei) and the absence of others (Hallelujah, Gloria in excelsis) in the liturgical services, by abstinence from some of the usual social festivities, and by the non-celebration of marriages.