Sentence Examples

  • Atkinson, London, 1836); Haft Paikar (lithographed, Bombay, 1849; Lucknow, 1873; the fourth tale in German by F.
  • Tribal Custom in AngloSaxon Law; Marquardsen, Haft and Biirgschaft im Angelsachsischen Recht; Jastrow, "Uber die Strafrechtliche Stellung der Sklaven," Gierke's Untersuchungen, i.; Steenstrup, Normannerne, iv.; F.
  • Blessed is Pat man fiat haft not gone in fie counsell of wicked men, and in fie weye of sinfull men hap not stonde, and in fie chaire of pestilence sat not.
  • His three diwans (1479-1491) contain his lyrical poems and odes; among his prose writings the chief is his Baharistan (" Spring-garden") (1487); and his collection of romantic poems, Haft Aurang (" Seven Thrones"), contains the Salaman wa Absal and his Yusuf wa Zalikha (Joseph and Potiphar's wife).
  • As for the date of composition, it is evident, from the conflicting statements in the different MSS., that there must have been an earlier and a later recension, the former belonging to 587-589 A.H., and dedicated to the prince of Mosul, `Izz-uddin Mas`ud, the latter made for the atabeg Nusrat-uddin Abu Bakr of Azerbaijan after 593 A.H., since we find in it a mention of Nizaml's last romance Haft Paikar, or the "Seven Beauties," which comprises seven tales related by the seven favourite wives of the Sassanian king Bahramgur.

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