Sentence Examples

  • GLYCERIN, GLYCERINE or Glycerol (in pharmacy Glycerinum) (from Gr.
  • The ketone is also obtained when Bertrand's sorbose bacterium acts on glycerol; this medium also acts on other alcohols to yield ketoses; for example: erythrite gives erythrulose, arabite arabinulose, mannitol fructose, &c.
  • In this reaction a glycerol ester is formed as an intermediate product, and undergoes decomposition by the water which is also produced at the same time.
  • Iodide by the action of moist silver oxide; by the reduction of acrolein; or by heating glycerin with oxalic acid and a little ammonium chloride to 260° C. In this last reaction glycerol monoformin is produced as an intermediate product, but is decomposed as the temperature rises: C3H5(OH)3+H2C204 = C3H5(OH),.0.CHO+C02+H20 glycerol monoformin C 3 H 5 (OH) 2.0.

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