Sentence Examples

  • Merling (Ann., 1894, 278, p. 20) showed to be converted into n-glutaric acid, [[Hooc (Ch2)3 000h]], when oxidized with potassium permanganate; according to D.
  • CH(NH 2) � Cooh, isoleucin, probably 0-aminocaproic acid, serin or a-amino-(-hydroxy propionic acid, aspartic acid or aminosuccinic acid, HOOC�CH 2 �CH(NH 2)�Cooh, glutaminic acid or a-amino-n-glutaric acid,HOOC� (CH 2) � CH(NH 2) � Cooh, diaminoacetic acid, a-O-diaminopropionic acid, lysin.
  • GLUTARIC ACID, Or [[Normal Pyrotartaric Acid, Ho 2 C Ch 2 Ch 2 Ch 2 Co 2 H]], an organic acid prepared by the reduction of a-oxyglutaric acid with hydriodic acid, by reducing glutaconic acid, HO 2 C CH 2 CH: CH.
  • CH 2 CO 2 C 2 H 5, from which glutaric acid is obtained by hydrolysis.
  • On the alkyl glutaric acids, see C. Hell (Ber., 1889, 22, pp. 48, 60), C. A.

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