Sentence Examples

  • Other ingredients are a fixed oil, present to the extent of 30%, ergotinic acid, a glucoside, trimethylamine, which gives the drug its unpleasant odour, and sphacelinic acid, a non-nitrogenous resinoid body.
  • Friedrich Rochleder has described as constituent principles of the cotyledons aphrodaescin, C52H82023, a bitter glucoside, argyraescin, C27 H 42012, aescinic acid, C21H40012, and queraescitrin, C41 H 46025, found also in the leaves.
  • As a free alkaloid) in the plant, but that it exists in the form of a glucoside, and that by the process of chewing this glucoside is split up by one of the ferments in the saliva into the free alkaloid and sugar.
  • Its properties are due to the presence of a glucoside known as Morindin, which is compounded from glucose and probably a trioxy-methyl-anthraquinone.
  • C6h2(Oh)2[I.2], C]] a vegetable dyestuff formerly prepared from madder root (Rubia tinctorum) which contains a glucoside ruberythric acid (C26H28014).

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