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  • Many condemnations followed, and hundreds of politicals were immured in hideous dungeons, a state of things which provoked Gladstones famous letters to Lord Aberdeen, in which Bourbon rule was branded for all time as the negation of God erected into a system of government.
  • Mr Gladstones cabinet was as unstable as the public opinion it sought to conciliate.
  • Place in 1895, and Lord Salisburys cabinet, which had consistently assailed the Egyptian policy of the old, was not unwilling to consider whether the flourishing condition of Egyptian finance, the prosperity of the country and the settled state of its affairs, with a capable and proved little army ready to hand, did not warrant an attempt being made to recover gradually the Sudan provinces abandoned by Egypt in 1885 On the advice of Mr Gladstones government.
  • In the course of the discussion on the bill in the House of Commons, the securities on which its authors had relied to enable them to stem the tide of democracy were, chiefly through Gladstones exertions, swept away.
  • The history of Disraelis second administration affords an exact reverse to that of Gladstones first cabinet.

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