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  • He was the offspring of Loki and the giantess Angurboda, who bore two other children, Midgard the serpent, and Hel the goddess of death.
  • She ought perhaps to be regarded rather as a goddess than as a giantess, but she is never associated with the other.
  • The hips Sister to Calomel (1791) Dick Andrews (1797) should be long and Gohanna mare wide, with the stifle Wax y * (1790) Penelope (1798) and thigh strong, Beningbrough (1791) long and proporEvelina (1791) Whiskey (1789) tionately de - Young Giantess (1790) 8 Whiskey (1789) veloped, and the t Young Noisette (1789) hind quarters well Gohanna (,790) Amazon (1799) let down.
  • The Sorcerer (1796) Trumpator (1782) hock should have Young Giantess (1790) Houghton Lass(1801) Sir Peter* (1784) plenty of bone, and Alexina (1788) Clinker (1805) Sir Peter* (1784) be strongly affixed Hyale (1797) to the leg, and Pewet (1786) Tandem (1773) Termagant show no signs of Eclipse (1764) Grecian Princess (x770) curb; the bones Highflyer (1774) below the hock Termagant Gohanna (1790) should be flat, and Catherine (1795) free from adhePaynator (1791) Sister to Zodiac sions; the liga - Sir Peter* (1784) Arethusa (1792) ments and tendons Pot-8-os (,773) well developed, and Prunella (1788) Whalebone* by Waxy* (1807) standing out from Gohanna mare Selim (1802) the bone; the joints Canary Bird (1806) well formed and Orville: (1799) Emily (r8,o) wide, yet without Harriett (1819) Pericles (1809) undue enlarge - Selim mare (1812) JWhalebone* (1807) Waxy* (1790) ment; the pasterns Penelope (1798) Gift(1818) Young Gohanna (,81o) (1808) and feet similar to (Sister to Grazier by Sir Peter* those of the fore: Winner of the St Leger.
  • The Strongest giantess part two story about a giantess part two story about a giantess by Tara.

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