Sentence Examples

  • As in other molluscs the coelom is represented by a large pericardial cavity, situated above the intestine posteriorly, and a generative sac which is single and median and situated in front of the pericardium, except in the Nuttalochiton hyadesi, where the gonads are in a similar position, but are paired.
  • The chief difference is that the gonad or generative portion of the coelom is single and median, opening into the pericardium by a single posterior aperture.
  • There are no accessory generative organs.
  • On this view then the Aplacophora are more primitive than the Polyplacophora in the relations of coelom, gonad and coelomoducts; and the genital ducts of the Chitons have arisen either by metameric repetition within the group, or by the gradual loss of an original connexion between the generative sac and the renal tube, as in Lamellibranchs and Gastropods, the generative sac acquiring a separate duct and opening to the exterior on each side.
  • The coelom is primarily and essentially the generative cavity: the reproductive cells arise from its walls, i.e.

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