Sentence Examples

  • They pass out through short vasa deferentia with internal ciliated funnels, sometimes an enlargement on their course - the seminal vesicles - and a minute external pore situated on the side of the tail.
  • In the genital segments of Eudrilus the nephridia are present, but the funnels have not been found though they are obvious in other segments.
  • Each nephridium is provided with either one or two funnels which open into the postseptal division of the coelom (ne.f).
  • (3) As in Chaetopoda, coelomic funnels (coelomoducts) may occur right and left After Lankester, Q.
  • The absence of an apical system of plates; the fact that radial symmetry has not affected the generative organs, as it has in all other recent classes; the welldeveloped muscles of the body-wall, supposed to be directly inherited from some worm-like ancestor; the presence on the inner walls of the body in the family Synaptidae of ciliated funnels, which have been rashly compared to the excretory organs (nephridia) of many worms; the outgrowth from the rectum in other genera of caeca (Cuvierian organs and respiratory trees), which recall the anal glands of the Gephyrean worms; the absence of podia (tube-feet) in many genera, and even of the radial water-vessels in Synaptidae; the absence of that peculiar structure known in other echinoderms by the names "axial organ," "ovoid gland," &c; the simpler form of the larva - all these features have, for good reason or bad, been regarded as primitive.

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