Sentence Examples

  • E, Vertical section of frond of the complicated Siphoneous Green Alga Halimeda.
  • The substance of the frond is made up by a single much-branched tube, with interwoven branches.
  • This is the case in the Fucaceae, and in a very marked degree in the Laminariaceae in question, where the assimilative frond is borne at the end of an extremely long supporting and conducting stipe.
  • The species differ greatly in size and general appearance and in the character of the frond; the sori or groups of spore-cases (sporangia) are borne on the back of the leaf, are globose and naked, that is, are not covered with a membrane (indusium) (see fig.
  • Long, including the stalk; it is characterized by having the lower pinnae of the frond deflexed; it is generally distributed in Britain, though not common.

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