Sentence Examples

  • An important feature added to the discussion by Adams is the different behaviour of spectral lines 880 860' 840' 820' 800 780' 760 740' 720' 700 0 consider first a frictionless fluid.
  • Now if this state be supposed established in a frictionless fluid, the con sideration of internal friction would simply extend the char acteristics found at any spot to the neighbourhood, and there fore if the boundary were a sphere and so for a frictionless fluid an exception, it would cease to be an exception when we allow for viscosity.
  • If we imagine the system reduced by frictionless constraints to one degree of freedom, so that the co-ordinates 0, 0, 0,.
  • The a/~celeration of G is therefore less than in the case of frictionless sliding in the ratio a2/(K2+a2).
  • If the system be subject to frictionless constraints, e.g.

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