Sentence Examples

  • For its insurrection against the French garrison in 1499 it paid a terrible penalty in 1500, and in 1512, after the victory of Ravenna, Pavia presented to Louis XII., as a sign of fidelity, a magnificent standard: this however fell into the hands of Swiss mercenaries and was sent to Fribourg as a trophy of war (it no longer exists).
  • After the extinction of the Zaringen dynasty (1218) Bern became a free imperial city, but it had to fight hard for its independence, which was finally secured by the victories of Dornbuhl (1298) over Fribourg and the Habsburgs, and of Laupen (1339) over the neighbouring Burgundian nobles.
  • Prince Maurice of Nassau, when governor-general, built here his private residence (Fribourg House) and made it his capital.
  • Vaud, Fribourg, the Valais, Lucerne, Uri and Unterwalden.
  • The bishop of Lausanne resided after 1663 at Fribourg, while from 1821 onwards he added "and of Geneva" to his title.

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