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  • These chapters, however, only afforded protection to the tenants-in-chief of the crown, and it is clear from their prominent position that the framers of the charter regarded them as of paramount importance.
  • All these officials unite in their own persons the judicial and executive functions, under the " Law of the Vilayets," which made its appearance in 1861, and purported, and was really intended by its framers, to confer on the provinces a large measure of self-government, in which both Mussulmans and non-Mussulmans should take part.
  • The last phrase was treated in some quarters as a proof of confirmed Austrophilism: in reality it was a minimum concession to the existing order, without which its framers could not have continued their activity.
  • Deluge), we meet again with the primeval waters and the world-egg, and with the famous mythological tortoise-theory, 5 also found among the Algonkins (§ 2) - antique beliefs gathered up by the framers of philosophic systems, who felt the importance of maintaining such links with the distant past.
  • The framework of the governments established in 1836-37 and 1845 was not essentially different from those with which the framers were familiar in the United States.

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