Sentence Examples

  • Every parent wants to think foremost of their child's fun when it comes to summer camp, but before you enroll them in the great water park day camp forty-five minutes away, remember that you're adding that travel time every day.
  • With two EPs, two live albums, nine studio records, forty-five singles, and even twenty-four music videos, Metallica is one of biggest influences on heavy metal and rock music alongside bands like Slayer and Anthrax.
  • There also the line in the song Glorified G in which Vedder is actually saying Glorified version of a pellet gun, but sounds a lot like four or five versions of a pelican or forty-five virgins and a pelican.
  • Intensive One on One: Dedicated to those of any level, one can expect forty-five minutes to an hour of learning, followed by one hour of homework, everyday, for a total of five consecutive days.
  • I got to the hospital around 3:30 and after checking in, verifying that I was, in fact, in labor, and getting hooked up to an IV, I was told to walk the halls for forty-five minutes.