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  • The financial situation continued to be em iously embarrassing; deficit was piled on deficit, loan upon res fn, and the service of the debt rose from 9o,ooo,ooo lire in th 60 to 2?O,000,000 in 1864.
  • Suppose given the n equations fl= = allxl +a12x2 + � � � + annxn = 0, f2 =a21x1+a22x2+���+a2nxn =0, fn =anlxl +an2x2+��� +annxn = 0.
  • The fundamental system connected with n quadratic forms consists of (i.) the n forms themselves f i, f2,�� fn, (ii.) the (2) functional determinants (f i, f k) 1, (iii.) the (n 2 1) in variants (f l, fk) 2, (iv.) the (3) forms (f i, (f k, f ni)) 2, each such form remaining unaltered for any permutations of i, k, m.
  • (vii.) The comparison of the numerical value of I-Fn(1)x +n(242+...+n(r)xr, when n is fractional, with that of (i+x)n, involves advanced methods (� 64).
  • Fn Scotland the highway system is regulated by the Roads and Bridges Act 1878 and amending acts.

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