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  • Lanzani, Stone dei comuni italiani dale onigini fino at 1313 (1882); C. Cipolla, Storia delle Signorie Italiane dat 1313 at 1530 (188 f); A.
  • His great work, Le Istorie del regno di Napoli dal 1250 fino al 1498, first appeared at Naples in 1572, and was the fruit of thirty or forty years' labour; but nine more years were devoted to the task before it was issued in its final form at Aquila (1581).
  • He also edited the works of Berni, and collected Tutti i trionfi, larri, mascherate, e canti carnascialaschi, andati per Firenze dal tempo del magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici fino all' anno 1559.
  • Fino al 1313; C. Cipolla, Storia delle signorie Italiane dal 1313 al 1530; Cosci, L' Italia durante le preponderanze straniere, 1530 - 1789; A.
  • They range from dry fino ( check this very one out in UK Tescos ) through to sweet, dark Pedro Jiminez.

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