Sentence Examples

  • Ferrous oxide is the usual cause of discoloration.
  • The precipitants in use are: ferrous sulphate, charcoal and sulphuretted hydrogen, either alone or mixed with sulphur dioxide; the use of copper and iron sulphides has been suggested, but apparently these substances have achieved no success.
  • The potassium salt may be prepared by adding potassium cyanide to ferrous sulphate solution, the brown precipitate so formed being then heated with potassium nitrite: 5 KNC + 2 FeSO 4 = 2 K 2 SO 4 + KFe2(NC)5, 2 KFe 2 (NC) 5 + 2 KNO 2 = 2 FeO + 2 K2Fe(NC)5 NO.
  • They may be recognized by the fact that on the addition of a solution of ferrous sulphate, followed by that of concentrated sulphuric acid (the mixture being kept quite cold), the ferrous sulphate solution becomes of a deep brown colour, owing to the reducing action of the ferrous sulphate on the nitric acid which is liberated by the action of the sulphuric acid on the nitrate.
  • The aqueous solution is turned bluish black by ferrous sulphate containing a ferric salt.

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