Sentence Examples

  • Senderens, Comptes rendus, 1901, 132, p. 210 seq.); and from hydrazines of the type CnH2,2_1 NH NH2 by oxidation with alkaline potassium ferricyanide (N.
  • With potassium bichromate solution, which is yellow, the iron solution becomes green from the chromium chloride or sulphate formed, and the end of the reaction is determined by removing a drop of the solution on the stirring-rod and adding it to a drop of a dilute solution of potassium ferricyanide on a white tile.
  • It may also be obtained by oxidizing the symmetrical trinitrobenzene with potassium ferricyanide in alkaline solution (P. Hepp, Ann.
  • Alkaline potassium ferricyanide oxidizes it to picric acid.
  • It results, with other products, in the oxidation of phenyl diazonium chloride with alkaline potassium ferricyanide; of /3phenylhydroxylamine with chromic acid mixture (E.

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