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  • In 1875 the 1ea~jflgto impoverishment of the fellah had reached such a ~he depoint that the ordinary resources of the country no Pofo~.kmo:I, longer sufficed for the most urgent necessities of administration; and the khedive Ismail, having repeatedly broken faith with his creditors, could not raise any more loans on the European market.
  • Among the mutinous soldiers on that occasion was a fellah officer calling himself Ahmed Arabi the Egyptian.
  • To succeed, it was essential that the fellah should be taught that discipline might be strict without being oppressive, that pay and rations would be fairly distributed, that brutal usage by superiors would be checked, that complaints would be thoroughly investigated, and impartial justice meted out to soldiers of all ranks.
  • While the patient fellah, resigned to the decrees Of the Almighty, saw the ruling Egyptian class hurry away from Cairo, he saw also those of his comrades who were stricken tenderly nursed, soothed in deaths struggles, and in many cases actually washed, laid out and interred by their new self-sacrificing and determined masters.
  • Tb.e honesty and discipline of the fellah were shown to be undoubtedly of a high order.

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