Sentence Examples

  • Her husband and children accompanied her to Portugal, where she figured among the "reconciled" in the auto-da fd of the 9th of July 1713, after undergoing the torment only.
  • He went through the great auto-da fd held on the 23rd of October in the presence of King John V.
  • Two spheres intersect in a plane, and the equation to a system of spheres which intersect in a common circle is x 2 + y 2 + z 2 +2Ax -fD = o, in which A varies from sphere to sphere, and D is constant for all the spheres, the plane yz being the plane of intersection, and the axis of x the line of centres.
  • In the triangle FDC, let FD be tangent to the curvelFC vertical, and Dqhorizontal; these three sides will necessarily be proportional respectively.to_the FIG.
  • Other words, by a non-Euclidean construction he trisected the angle AOC, for it is readily seen that, since FD' = FO = OC, the angle FOB = 2 AOC. 6 This couplet of constructions is as important from the calculator's point of view as it is interesting geometrically.

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