Sentence Examples

  • The personal and habitation tax consists in fact of two different taxes, one imposing a fixed capitation charge on all citizens alike of every department, the charge, however, varying according to the department from I fc. 50 c. (Is.
  • (1); and for the intensity, represented by the square of the amplitude, 1 2 [fJsin f +?2 fC? ?
  • In order to restore the substance to its original temperature 0' at constant pressure, it would be necessary to supply a further quantity of heat, H, represented by the area between the two adiabatics from FC down to the absolute zero.
  • Denoting the areas of the three strips by A, B, and C, and introducing the middle ordinate ug, we can express A + B; B -{- C; A + B -FC; and B in terms of uo, u 1, u 2; u 1, u2, u3; uo, u, u 3; and u 1, ug, u 2 respectively.
  • Resultant tension along the chain at F, the vertical force V passing through the point D, and the horizontal tension at O; hence H: V = DC: FC = wx 2 /2 y: wx = x/2.

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