Sentence Examples

  • Faust laughed, shaking the table.
  • These buildings are more or less square with pyramidal roofs ornamented outside with green glazed tiles, and inside with and tophel,liar (Faust, ed.
  • It is matter for regret that a request to Coleridge that he should undertake to translate Faust never received serious attention from him.
  • The note of Renaissance work in Germany was still Gothic. This we feel in the penetrative earnestness of Darer, in the homeliness of Hans Sachs, in the grotesque humour of Eulenspiegel and the Narrenschiff, the sombre pregnancy of the Faust legend, the almost stolid mastery of Holbein.
  • At the same time Spanish influences reached them through the imitators of Guevara and the dramatists; French influences in the versions of romances; German in fluences in popular translations of the Faust legend, Eulenspiegel and similar productions.

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