Sentence Examples

  • A sketch of the political history of a country is necessarily concerned with the externals of politicsthe shifting balance of parties, changes of ministries, the elaboration of political programmes; and these have their importance.
  • He was "rooted" in what Diodati described to Dohna as "the most dangerous maxim, that God does not regard externals so long as the mind and heart are right before Him."
  • The cleansing of externals and the tithing of garden-produce, He declares, have usurped the place of judgment and the love of God.
  • Of the externals of his life a few facts will suffice.
  • From that time to the present day the record of the Hungarian capital has been one of uninterrupted advance, not merely in externals, such as the removal of slums, the reconstruction of the town, the development of communications, industry and trade, and the erection of important public buildings, but also in the mental, moral and physical elevation of the inhabitants; besides another important gain from the point of view of the Hungarian statesman, namely, the progressive increase and improvement of status of the Magyar element of the population.

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