Sentence Examples

  • Its derivatives and its relation to benzene had been previously studied by the above and other experimenters, its relation to benzene being first proved experimentally by Cannizzaro and its constitution settled by Fittig and Tollens's synthesis from sodium and a mixture of methyl iodide and brombenzene.
  • Lampadius, however, showed that there was no phosphorescence in a Torricellian vacuum; and other experimenters proved that oxygen was essential to the process.
  • Other experimenters tried various "secrets," which for the most part meant deleterious glues and varnishes.
  • Other experimenters, such as J.
  • Largely with the view of studying the problem of maintaining equilibrium, several experimenters, including Otto Lilienthal, Percy Filcher and Octave Chanute, cultivated gliding flight by means of aeroplanes capable of sustaining a man.

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