Sentence Examples

  • Though the controversy went on, its most important result had already been achieved in the silencing of Convocation, for that body, though it had just "seemed to be settling down to its proper work in dealing with the real exigencies of the church" when the Hoadly dispute arose, did not meet again for the despatch of business for nearly a century and a half.
  • Began to appear in 1867, and was completed in 1871 the more so, since the exigencies of his undertaking compelled him to use materials that had been almost wholly neglected by other investigators.
  • They have the perpetuity of conventions which contain no time limitation; but, like every human convention, they can be denounced, in the form in use for international treaties, and for good reasons, which are summed up in the exigencies of the general good of the country.
  • The possibility of reforming these contracts in some parts of the kingdom has been studied, in the hope of bringing them into closer harmony with the needs of rational cultivation and the exigencies of social justice.
  • The inquiries made by this body revealed an unsatisfactory condition in tile national defences, traceable in the main to financial exigencies, and as regards recruiting a new law was brought into force in 1 9071908.